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Boeing 737 Products

Boeing 737 IRS Panel

Dimensions: 146mm (wide) x 114mm (high)

The display window is 118mm wide and 15mm high, and shows N/S and 5 digits, and E/W and 6
digits. Small dots show the delineation between Degrees, Minutes, and Decimal Minutes, and the
data is updated every second.

The DSPL SEL switch alters the display to show the appropriate data:

TEST: Illuminates all displays to make sure that no segments have failed.

TK/GS (Track and Ground Speed)

PPOS (Present Position)

WIND (Wind Direction and Speed)

HDG/STS (Heading and Status)

The Keypad is a dummy only and theThe SYS DSPL switch is also a dummy.

The IRS panel is connected to our driver board with ribbon cables (shown to the right), and the board
connects to the Flight Simulator PC via USB. The board needs 5Volts DC to power it, and as we
normally use a Computer Power Supply, we have already fitted the appropriate socket on the board.

This panel is supplied with dummy Dzus fasteners.

The supplied software is simple to install, and the USB drivers for the board are supplied as well.

Boeing IRS Unit with backlighting US$395-00
Below is a short clip demonstrating how the unit works ...
(Note: the unit shown here is an earlier version)