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Monitor FSUIPC Data

Monitor FSUIPC Data

This program allows you to monitor in real-time, any data that FSUIPC is able to read from Microsoft
Flight Simulator. There is a 'Settings' tab where you can set up to 8 items that you wish to monitor,
and a 'View Data' tab where all of the items will be displayed as 'Raw Data' and as 'Calculated Data'.

The data is read and displayed 10 times per second.

The viewed data can be paused and started again using buttons on the screen, and whilst in the
paused mode, it is possible to press the 'Refresh' button to get a single reading if desired.
Demo Version Information

The ZIP file contains a file called Monitor FSUIPC Data Demo Setup.msi which when double-clicked will begin the set-up process. We recommend that you let the program install itself automatically to the destination it chooses, as if you decide to purchase the Full Version later on it will be installed directly over top of this demo. This will also make it easier to apply any future updates that are made to the program (which will be made available free to all registered users of the Full Version)
The list of available offsets in the demo version above (from which you can view data) is limited to the following:
- Aileron Trim
- Alternator Switch
- Altitude of Aircraft
- AP Vertical Speed Hold
- AP Vertical Speed Value (ft/min)
- Bank
- Engine 1 Fuel Pressure
- Flaps Control
- Fuel Centre Tank 1 Level (%)
- Gear Control
- Lights - Cabin
No registration is required.
There is no facility to add your own 'Custom' offsets in the demo version.
Download a FREE demo version of our Monitor FSUIPC Data program.
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