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RNS 530 Unit

RNS 530 Unit

Our RNS530 is based on the design of a Garmin GNS530 and is designed to operate with the GNS
software from Reality XP. It comes complete with its own LCD screen with VGA driver, as well as one
of our USB controllers.

A power supply is required and, because a lot of builders use computer power supplies in their
simulators, the RNS530 is supplied with the correct connector for one of these already on the board.

The controller effectively creates keypresses to suit the keys that are the defaults used in the
Realitiy XP GNS software. These are able to be changed via a configuration file, however, and our unit
will also work with the Mindstar GNS software as well. It is not currently designed for X-Plane.

This unit is supplied with a mounting bracket.

RNS530 Unit w/LCD US$694-00